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24 October 1980
I'm in my thirties (although I tend to squee like I was about twelve :D) and am finally finishing my degree in English and Library and Information Science. Go me!

I love languages and distant places. My first and greatest love, though, is literature, especially fantasy and horror. For me, there's no division between genre fiction and "good literature". Any fiction that is written well is good literature. Fantastical elements just happen to be very much to my taste.

But enough about me. This is mainly a fandom journal. My main fandom is Harry Potter, but lately I've found myself dabbling a bit in Torchwood and Doctor Who.

My latest obsession is Supernatural. Two gorgeous men with big guns, a brilliantly created urban fantasy world filled with monsters, demons, angels, dysfunctional fucked-up people (I use this as a compliment :D), what's not to love? :)

I enjoy the darker and more adult side of fandom the most, hence:


Disclaimer: My stories are transformative works of fiction. All recognisable people and elements in my stories are the property of their creators and copyright holders. I only play with them for fun; no profit is made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Most of my fics are slash (male/male sexual relations) and contain strong adult themes.
All characters and situations in my stories are entirely fictional. They are written for entertainment only. I do not encourage or condone any illegal and/or harmful actions in real life.

All stories come with appropriate warnings and ratings and are placed under an lj-cut. So:

If you are too young to read that sort of stuff, or it is illegal where you live, please don't read it!

If you hate that sort of stuff, don't read it. It's your responsibility not to read things that may offend you. If you ignore my warnings and become traumatized by what you have read, don't come crying to me. You have been warned.

Ok, now that I've covered my arse as best I can (and probably scared off half my readers in the process :D), I would like to offer the rest of you a warm welcome to my world. It's a slightly dark and twisted one and revolves heavily around Death Eaters, Malfoys and other Slytherins.

My favourite HP pairings include, but are not limited to, Lucius/Severus, Lucius/Draco, Lucius/Harry (as long as it's noncon or dub con), Lucius/Narcissa, Voldemort/Bellatrix, Albus Severus/Scorpius and James Sirius/Teddy.

Yes, my tastes are a bit eclectic :)

When it comes to Torchwood, Jack goes with anything (obviously ;D), but my OTP is definitely Jack/Ianto. And the thing in CoE simply Did. Not. Happen. *sticks fingers in ears* Lalalaa!

As to Doctor Who, I love all incarnations (except for Six), but Ten is my Doctor ♥
Four will always have a special place in my heart as well. You never quite forget your first Doctor :)
When it comes to pairings, I'm still easing my way in with gen-fic, but am not opposed to some Doctor/Master (Ten/Master is good, but Four/Master would be even better :D)


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Lucius/Severus is my OTP at find_and_keep
Beecher/Keller is my TV couple at find_and_keep
Aurora Borealis is/are mine at find_and_keep
Hooker's green is my color at find_and_keep
the Elder Wand is mine at find_and_keep
The Regency era in the United Kingdom during 1811-1820 is mine at find_and_keep
Gregory House is mine at find_and_keep
"Black No 1" by Type O Negative is mine at find_and_keep
Altamira Cave is mine at find_and_keep
Cardiff is mine at find_and_keep
Artemis is mine at find_and_keep
Poison by Dior is mine at find_and_keep
Rivendell is mine at find_and_keep

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